Athletic and Band Boosters

Athletic & Band Boosters

The LCC Athletic & Band Booster Club assists the LCC Administration by providing and promoting quality athletics and band programs through active participation and financial support of all high school and junior high programs in the Lima Catholic School System.

The Athletic & Band Boosters are an integral part of making self-funded athletics a reality at Lima Central Catholic.  The philosophy of self-funded athletics pledges that ZERO tuition dollars will be used to fund athletics.  All athletic expenses are covered through gate receipts, concessions, 50/50 sales, Booster membership and other Booster Club fundraising events.  These events as well as the other funds accumulated through athletic activities fund 100% of all expenses for LCC athletics from grades 7 through 12.


President:  John Huffman

Vice President: John Zerante

Secretary:  Anne Levers

Bookstore:  Dona Williams

50/50 Raffles:  Kevin & Paula Kaskocsak

Concessions:  Denise Shultz

Auditor:  Jerry Krieg

Committee Chairs:

  • Athletic Booster Membership:  Valerie O’Dowd
  • K of C Fun Night Reverse Raffle:  Tim Stolly
  • Athletic Booster Golf Outing:  John Zerante
  • Night at the Races:  Anne Levers
  • Mulch Madness:  Mike O’Connor
  • Athletic Project Dinner:  Tim Clark

Monthly meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Knights of Columbus.

Booster Membership 

All student-athlete & band members’ families are asked to join at least at the minimum level each year.  Many in the LCC Community join each year to support the athletic and band programs at LCC even after their students have graduated.   You can become a member by sending in the  Athletic Booster Membership form.

 Fundraising Events

The Booster Club hosts several fundraising events which account for most of our annual athletic budget, require a substantial amount of volunteer participation, and provide a great deal of fun and entertainment for the community.  Everyone is invited to participate.

  • Reverse Raffle

      A limited number of tickets are sold for a chance to win the biggest pay-out of the night if yours is the last one drawn.   $3000 in prize money was awarded at the event on September 20, 2013 at the Knights of Columbus, and over $12,000 was raised to support our student-athletes.  Thanks to all the volunteers who contributed to the success of this event and to all those who participated by purchasing a ticket!

  • Night at the Races

Your $30 ticket gets you in the door and a race book with all the information needed to place your bet on the televised horse races.  All food and drink is included and this event packs the gymnasium with fun-loving fans, most of whom are all novices when it comes to horse racing. Thanks to all those who supported this year’s event on February 1!

  • Mulch Madness

Our biggest fundraiser every year, this is a true community event where everyone can find a role in which to help. Order your mulch from LCC and we will deliver it to your home or business free of charge. Orders are taken in the spring with major delivery weekends scheduled for April and May.

Athletic Field Project

As the name suggests, funds generated by tickets sold for this project are used to care for the athletic fields on the LCC campus. Winners are picked every month to win eight cash prizes of $100 and two dinners are held annually to show appreciation for all ticket-holders.  Tickets for the Athletic Project are $60 each and available in the Business Office or from any Athletic Booster Club member. All tickets purchased for the 2013-14 fundraiser prior to the first dinner on November 1 will be eligible for a special “early bird” drawing of twenty $60 winners.

Click here to view winners from the monthly drawing.